Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Places to find me...
I recently discovered a problem with Facebook and I dont even know what happened, but what I do know is how disconected I was with out it and how much I did not like that feeling. So I have several ways to stay connected, if you like my work, or are a friend you can find me  at www.heartfelt-originals.comcurrently on FB as Lisa Green Schmidt, on ebay as preciouspiecingsbylisa or  if you are wanting paper piecing patterns they are at   Thanks so much!!!
                           Below is a sample of what you might find listed weekly on ebay.
                                                                      Look for:
I really feel that scrapbooks and cards should not just be fun
for kids to look at, but also fun to touch.
So I am creating fun piece's from Fleece and Cuddle soft fabrics.
Fleece Piecing; Add to you Scrapbook, cards or tags.

This Bear is all hand made beginning with some wire and wool.
He is 100% needle felted, nose and mouth are made using Polymer clay
I added claws and color for detailing. 

Another of my Needle Feltings

Fleece Piecings for Scrapbook, cards and tags

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